Controlling risk at the heart of the portfolio construction process


The selection of Fund Managers is an integral part of the Asset Allocation process.

The selection of both managers and funds is open and dynamic, in line with the complexity and rapid pace of the markets. This selection is constantly fed by building a privileged relationship with them, with a view to identifying the most attractive trends, with a “best in class” approach.

The complementarity, the independence, and the multidisciplinary approach of the people involved are the constituent elements of a personalised, versatile and shared approach.

We do not look at investment instruments and classes in isolation, but in relation to each client’s risk profile. BlueStar puts forward a whole range of possibilities for a personalised portfolio, and the client’s involvement is an essential part of the process. The real value added is produced by the interaction between all the elements, where the time horizon is a fundamental reference point in the management of each portfolio.