Managing value added


BlueStar is an Investment Managers company, headquartered in Lugano. Specialising in managing investments, it is the ideal partner for all institutional investors seeking to optimise the relation between risk and return and to obtain tailor-made asset management advice.

A global vision, consolidated experience, sound connections with third-party fund managers and the passion of the team: these are BlueStar’s strengths underpinning their capacity to read an ever-changing market. Past, Present and Future.

A sound company that guarantees excellent performance: strong complementarity of approaches and experience built up over ten years for high value-added portfolio management.

With their passionate commitment, the Partners joined forces with a company well established on the market, Veco Invest SA, to create an innovative organisation of successful professionals. All those who choose BlueStar as a partner for their investments will find that it is the constant interaction between the core factors that generates real value added.